Hand knitted socks finished!

I just finished knitting these socks 2 days ago. They’re called “syltasockor”, and the heel is Cat’s Sweet Tomato Heel. Here are some pictures of them. 🙂




I also joined this competition today. Go join!

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High Dynamic Range

I was outside with my friend Viktor last night taking loads of photos. This is the result of my first “real” attempt at HDR. These buildings are called the tutti frutti houses.

Tutti Frutti husen HDR

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I’m reading Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography books, and I got some tips about using Camera Raw in PS.

Greyscale + shadow saturation. It looks quite nice, if I do say so myself.

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Birthday Cake

My mom’s birthday was last week, so I baked her two cakes for her birthday celebrations. A strawberry whipped cream cake and a marcipan cake (called PrinsesstĂ„rta(Princess cake) in Swedish).

Here is the marcipan cake!




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May I have this dance?


I’ll dance on my own then.


A bit tired after the dance.


This is from a duck pond in town.


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Dutch braiding

I finally tried dutch braiding today, it looks SO much better than french braiding! I’m very happy with it.


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Cakes and Braids

I also celebrated my birthday when I got back to the mainland with my mom, her fiancee, my brother and my friend Jeanette.

Here is the delicious strawberry whipped cream cake I baked!

Strawberry Cream Cake

Jeanette came later in the evening, so we ate some more cake and then, like the girls we are, we did each other’s hair. 😉 I finally got to learn how to do lace braids, since it’s so hard to do on your own hair. It’s like french braiding, but you only pick up hair on one side instead of both. The next thing I want to learn is dutch braiding.

Lace braids in Jea’s hair:

Lace Braids

French braid:


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